Mindfulness Series

By Curtis Daniel

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Mindfulness Volume 1

A Beginners Journey to the Unleashed Self

Mindfulness involves real-world techniques aimed at finding peace, reducing stress, overcoming anxiety and improving mental as well as physical health. The daily practice of mindfulness offers true, lasting benefits by discovering the inner self. The study of the mind can become very deep and detailed when pursued by the serious practitioner. Mindfulness is a simple and easily understood practice offering rewards specific to each individual no matter who they are. As the title describes, mindfulness is a journey and unleashing the true self is the lasting reward, attaining happiness from the inside-out.

My Mindfulness Journey

A Personal Journal of Awareness

We may read many books written by great authors who can only show us what they have discovered on their journey. Although we learn something from each one, we ultimately must choose our path, make our own choices and write our own story. ‘My Mindfulness Journey’ is designed to assist the practitioner in accomplishing just that. The author has carefully designed this journal, broken down into twelve individual chapters with a blank table of contents. This allows you to title your chapters and write your story in each one as you practice mindfulness on your journey. The journal is designed to be used with the Mindfulness Series as you unleash your inner self.


Balance is Key to Awareness

Volume 2 goes deeper into an area that continues to be a challenge for all of us. ‘Balance’ can be the most important concept in virtually every area life. From our very first step as a baby to balancing our checkbook, balance has played a critical part in our existence. Mental and emotional balance has as much or more value in our well-being as walking a straight line without falling. This book discusses specific strategies and techniques imperative to maintaining awareness through the practice of mindfulness.