Unhappy or Unsettled

“The worst kind of sadness is not being able to explain why”

Normally when a person is unhappy it usually means they are not pleased with their current situation or unhappy due to a disturbing or disappointing event that has taken place in their lives. Unhappiness is not really an emotion as much as it is a state of being and it is ultimately a choice. No one ever wants to experience unhappiness so why would anyone ever choose this feeling? We are all human and therefore emotions, attachments, and some occasional unhappiness are basically unavoidable. Unhappiness is not a bad thing and can be an excellent motivator or destroyer, which is where the most important choice is made.

“Be miserable or motivate yourself, whatever has to be done, it’s always your choice” – Wayne Dyer –

Unhappiness can affect anyone in any situation or circumstance, whether it is a relationship, a job, where you live or any other area of your life. True unhappiness can usually indicate that there needs to be a change in something somewhere. The change does not always have to be drastic such as divorce, quitting your job or selling your house and moving. It could only mean something as simple as sitting down and talking to your partner or boss. The key point with being unhappy is realizing that there normally needs to be a change of some type to find a resolution. It is, however, very important that we are completely mindful of our circumstance or situation before making a drastic choice that we may regret.

Being unsettled can be a tricky and uncertain state of being if we are not careful. The symptoms and indicators surrounding both being unhappy and unsettled are virtually identical. Practicing mindfulness and meditation can normally always help us to determine the difference between being unhappy or being unsettled. The outcome of either state of being is, once again, our choice. When a person is unhappy, they are almost certainly unsettled. However, an important difference is that we can be unsettled in a situation without being unhappy. Being unsettled, like unhappy, usually means that some type of change is most definitely on the horizon. The change may only be in our attitude or perspective of a situation and sometimes the change is not even a choice that we will have to make. It may only be that we are sensing some type of change in our future that we know nothing about and could happen without any choice or influence that we may have.

“When the time comes for you to change or grow, the Universe will make you feel so uncomfortable that you will eventually have no choice”

All things are frequency and the Universe responds to frequencies whether they are considered positive or negative. We are completely in control of the frequencies we send out to the universe when we are feeling unhappy or unsettled. The frequency we tune into, like a radio station, determines what will be played back to us in our lives through the situations and circumstances. The Universe is not concerned whether we are unhappy or unsettled as much as how we respond and react through either state of being. There are many factors involved at any given moment of an experience such as emotions, feelings and how we may attach to any aspect of the situation. Attachment is a key element, as we have discussed in previous posts, and could be the determining factor in any situation.

We may feel like we are cool and in control of a situation until we allow attachment with emotions sneak in. If we are not aware of what’s going on, the ego or left-brain conscious self-image will use that attachment and ‘take the reins’ attempting to control the entire situation past that point. It is so important that we understand the power of attachment, emotions, and the ego as we focus on practicing mindfulness in our daily lives. As we focus inward with self-awareness we begin to activate the right-brain unconscious self-image. It is here where our communication and connection with the Universe takes place based on the frequency of our awareness in any given experience.

Allow yourself the freedom to be mindful during the experience of unhappiness or feeling unsettled. With focused awareness, you may not understand or be able to explain the way you feel, but you can know the difference and better control the frequency of your reaction through the situation.

“When you understand that everything is frequency…the universe becomes a symphony”


Why Am I So Unhappy? Here’s why…

Published by Curtis Daniel

Transformational Life Coach, Educator, Author

2 thoughts on “Unhappy or Unsettled

  1. on point and very relevant..the universe always lets me know..when i resist , i grow more & more unsettled, and then become unhappy. But the discomfort is a great motivator, and always indicates a turning point for me..thanks- good post!


    1. Thanks, Lovie, all of my posts normally fall in line with something I am personally dealing with. I am sensing some type of change is on its way and feeling pretty unsettled right now. Thank you so much for your support with your comments, it gives me strength.

      Liked by 1 person

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