Are You Stuck?

“Life is about evolving. Don’t stay in a situation that’s not helping you grow mentally, spiritually and emotionally”

All of us have been stuck in one way or another and most of us are probably stuck in some way right now, either mentally, spiritually or emotionally. How do we get stuck? What does getting stuck mean? and how do we get out of that spot that seems to hold us with no mercy?

We must first look at what it means to be stuck and is it really as bad as it seems? ‘Stuck’ is a word and a word in the English language with many different definitions and perspectives depending on each individual. According to ‘stuck’ means:

“unable to move from a particular position or place, or unable to change a situation”

As we will discuss, there is more than one perspective to everything and each person’s view of ‘getting stuck‘ is different. Many people look at being stuck as a place that is virtually the end of all hope. If we approach being stuck with this point of view, then that may very well be the end of all hope in that situation. There are many people in this world and throughout history who don’t even recognize the word ‘hopeless’. They have been in situations that we would not wish on our worst enemies and they came through it.

Hope is a choice, a feeling or emotion in which we choose to experience. Realizing that our situation or experiences are definitely influential in what level of hope we may have, it remains our choice. Emotion is simply energy in motion and we know that all things are a form of energy. Electricity does not know or care where it is going or what device or appliance it will be giving power to. The energy behind emotions operates in the same way, not knowing what outcome or reaction it may fuel. We discussed emotions and attachment in our last blog, Identity Crisis Part 3, Triggers and how attaching to emotion gives that energy a direction to a reaction. Just as electricity is energy that must keep moving in one direction or another, so emotional energy must also continue to flow or it will get stuck.

As we read in the definition above on stuck, it means unable to move from a particular position or place. In the case of emotions which is energy in motion, the term stuck is not completely accurate. Our subject here revolves primarily around being emotionally stuck in a situation causing us to feel hopeless. The term trapped may be more appropriate for understanding how we get emotionally stuck in a situation. In the analogy used with electricity, if that electrical energy gets stuck or held in one place not allowing it to continue to flow freely, it will continue to build gaining momentum with a potential release that could be highly destructive. The motion of the charge does not stop, it becomes trapped.

The emotional energy that is not allowed to continue to flow in one direction or another becomes trapped and will eventually be released. Another simple analogy that will help you understand this is the flow of air used to expand a balloon. The balloon will continue to expand until it is unable to accommodate the flow of air. In essence, the air becomes trapped within the confines of the balloon until the walls are weakened to a point of breaking. As the balloon begins to expand with the air, there is no way of knowing the exact point on the surface that will give way to the increased air pressure and when it does, all the air is released at that point. Trapped emotional energy can have the same effect as trapped air in a balloon. This was discussed in ‘Identity Crisis-Part 2, Labels’, with the disease, sickness and overall health being connected to trapped emotions.

This discussion can take many different avenues in relation to trapped emotions and the benefits of allowing that energy to continue to move in a positive direction before its too late. We witness this throughout virtually every situation in our lives as well as those around us. Babies are a prime example of energy in motion. Before a baby is conditioned by the world and parents to repress emotions, that energy moves through them in crying, screaming, laughter and words we don’t understand. It may very well be that some of the health issues seen in infants are directly related to trapped energy that was not allowed to be released. It may not be a bad thing to allow a baby to cry and scream a little as long as they are kept safe and comfortable. That is pure energy in motion, don’t allow it to get trapped in their bodies causing an unhealthy release.

“A crying baby does not annoy or disturb the baby, it only disturbs or creates concern in those hearing it. The baby is expressing itself in the only way they know. Instead of allowing that energy to be trapped, try to understand it first and then decide how it is to be treated. This does not only apply to infants, but also to children of all ages, including adults.

We get stuck when we allow emotions to be trapped, not moving or flowing in a positive or continuous direction. Even as adults, sometimes we may need to cry, scream or verbalize this energy in a healthy way in order to keep it moving, not allowing it to be trapped. This trapped emotional energy reveals itself, not only is physical health, but also as depression, anger, hostility, and violence. Remember the analogy of the balloon, this energy will be released at the weakest point in our lives. Awareness and understanding of trapped emotional energy is the first and biggest step on the path to not getting stuck.

Practicing mindfulness and meditation is one of the most effective and healthy ways to keep emotional energy moving without being trapped. Mindfulness involves an inner focus not attaching to an external experience creating a false identity of who we are. When we calm our emotional energy allowing it to freely and smoothly flow in a healthy direction, we are able to experience a subtle release and not feel stuck or trapped.

“Our conscious mind analyzes and interprets all external experiences developing a false conscious self-image”

Practicing mindfulness is just that, a practice and it requires commitment and patience. Mindfulness and meditation techniques are not like a drug that is primarily used to only suppress external symptoms. Internal focus and awareness reach deeper to the core and origin of emotional energy bringing understanding and not confusion. There is no set way or method to achieve mental awareness, it only takes a desire and that first step in the direction of emotional freedom from being stuck.

“Growth is painful. Change is painful. But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong”

Published by Curtis Daniel

Transformational Life Coach, Educator, Author

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